Experts of the firm render the following services to the enterprises - customers:

  • working out and manufacture of non-standard weight equipment;
  • modernizing of mechanical scales and batchers into electromechanical;            
  • engineering service and repair of weight equipment;
  • working out of the special software for account of freight flows;
  • manufacture of metalware;
  • assembly of printboards;
  • working out of the special software for single-chip processors;
  • working out of the engineering documentation.

  Working out and manufacture of non-standard weight equipment

Nowadays often there are tasks which are difficult for solving by means of standard and serially manufactured scales and batchers. It is caused by requirements of the equipment modernizing, and necessity of issue of new production with change of technology of its manufacture. Thus, not always the existing weight equipment at the enterprise can satisfy new requirements.

Кonstruktorskiy otdel 1

Construction department

Experts of the firm, such as developers and engineers, experts of trial production and setup people solve problems on creation of special new scales and batchers, modernizing of serially manufactured or already present at the Customer scales for satisfying of his technical specifications.

Thus, for example , the system of bag account SUM-232 has been developed, which allows automatically carrying on the commercial account of individual weights (bags, boxes, bundles and so forth), passing on the conveyor at their shipment to the store room or to the Customer. Thus, production thefts were eliminated, and the system became one of the most demanded articles of the firm. 

Under the special task of the Customer has been developed and supplied the unloader of soft containers, allowing operative unloading of the product from bags of type "big-bag".

At Customers’ will the hopper scales SWEDA WBA and the batchers SWEDA DWS are constantly modernized or redesigned for the purpose of weighing and batching of products and materials with new properties.

Thus, only yesterday non-standard scales and batchers become serial today, expanding the assortment of production of the firm and allowing satisfying the desires of our buyers more and more completely. Considering it, we invite all Customers who have technical or technological problems with use of the usual weight equipment, to address to the experts of the firm. We will help.

 Maintenance service and repair of the weight equipment 

Experts of the firm render services in maintenance service and repair of the delivered weight equipment direct on the enterprise of the Customer. Besides, we carry out operations on chief-installation, adjustment and commissioning of the weight and weight-batching equipment, its calibration and metrological certification. 

For this purpose there is a corresponding staff of workers in the firm: mechanical and electronics engineers, setup people, workers of various specialities. The available car park allows arriving operatively to the place of execution of operations on the Customer request. All experts were trained, both on technical features of the operation execution, and on safety and labor protection requirements, have corresponding certificates. 

  Modernizing of mechanical scales and batchers into electromechanical 

It is executed for the purpose of reconstruction of mechanical scales and batchers and their transfer into electromechanical. 

  Modernizing of truck scales 

Both partial and complete modernizing of scales is executed. In the first case all lever system of scales is saved, the load cell is built in the draw bar which leads to the measuring head, and the signal from it arrives on the weight indicator IW-320. At such mode of modernizing the errors, inherent for mechanical scales, are saved, however the operation of the operator with scales becomes simpler and there is a possibility to connect them to the computer. 

At complete modernizing of truck scales all mechanical part of scales (bars, prisms and so forth) is dismantled, if necessary the foundation (column bases) is strengthened or finished built. On column bases the load-receiving nodes with load cells are fixed, on which the weight platform is set. The signal from the load cells is summarized in the equalizing box and processed by the weight indicator IW-320. At such modernizing accuracy, reliability and conveniences in maintenance of scales correspond to new electronic scales. 

  Reconstruction of mechanical batchers 

Reconstruction of batchers of type AD-50, DSP-100, DN-500, DN-1000, DS-800 is intended for substitution of beam or dial weight gears on tensometric weighing system. Thus reliability of the equipment, its operation and metrological characteristics are raised. As the control block the weight processor PW-310 and the portable board TV-330-16, linked with the computer, are used. As a result there is a possibility of more accurate batching, accumulation of the material mass, operative entering of settings both at local control with PW-310, and from the distance – the board TV-330 or computer. 

Uchastok sborki dozatorov

Site of batcher assembly

Working out of the special software for the account of freight flows

The offered software is intended for execution of accounting tasks and works with electronic scales of different function (truck, railway, belt, hopper, batchers) and the upper weighing limit.

Razrabotka programmnogo obecpecheniya

Software working out

The functions realized by the software:

1. Weighing and batching:

- possibility of various modes of weighing;

- partial loading;

- partial unloading;

- including the articles of various range;

2. Shaping of the shipping bill and the card of weighing with any set of requisites:

- receiver;

- supplier;

- store room №;

- car number;

- weight;

- and other at will of the customer;

3. Shaping of day, shift, hour reports and their output both in a text file and on printing;

4. Fixation of weighing results in a database with the indication of date, time and a responsible person;

5. Storage and handling of results in own database and in the database "1С, Enterprise";

6. Observation and control of operation of scales on the remote computer.

Manufacture of non-standard articles

Except delivery of the weight equipment the firm "Sweda, Ltd" offers such service, as working out and manufacture of various devices and systems on specifications of the Customer.

  The structure and arrangement of the firm, presence of the industrial base, special equipment and staff of corresponding experts allows:      

- the construction department with the help of modern means of working out to prepare the special engineering documentation;

- the engineering department to develop electronic devices and systems, and also the software for them under Your technical specification;

- the development shop under Your or designed engineering documentation to manufacture any articles and constructions of metal;       

Mehanicheskiy ceh 1                                                                       

Mechanical site

- the industrial department by means of the available special equipment to realize preparation and assembly of printboards, including for electronic components without bodies;


Site of assembly and soldering of boards

- the group of setup people and mounters to adjust the manufactured equipment after their manufacture, and directly on a plant at start in maintenance.