Scales WBA-1200-1000-1-14

Scales WBA-1200-1000-1-14

Scales WBA-1200-1000-1-14 are intended for portion weighing and acount of loose materials.


- using of the load cells of the leading world manufacturers, Camozzi pneumatic;

- a dismountable frame;

- the dimensions allow to transport the scales in standard containers.



Weighing limits, kg

from 100 to 1000

Discrecity of indication, kg


Maximum permissible errors, kg

from ±0,5 to ±1,0

Capacity, t/h



Power supply

from alteating-current mains with voltage 90…260 V, frequency 50…60 Hz with use of the integral power supply, or from direct-current mains with voltage 12…24 V

Power consumption

no more than 25 VA

Compressed air consumption, м3/h


Pressure of compressed air, MPa


Protection index from environmental effect:

- weight processor PW-310, board-terminal TV-330-16

- LRD (WP)


IP 65

IP 54

Overall dimensions, mm


Mass, kg


Temperature range, º С

from –10 to +45

  • account of loose materials in a flow
  • automatic control of batching process
  • indication of weight of a portion
  • maintenance of the scales capacity
  • indication of the total for a shift, a day, etc.
  • data transmission to the computer and networking


LLC "JSPA "Tsukrovik Poltavshchini"

PC "Vinitsa fat-and-oil industrial complex", etc.

Other countries

"Mishan Trading", Sudan

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