Platform scales SWEDA VP are used for static weighing of various loads in technological processes and their account in store rooms in various branches of industry and agriculture, and till now they are the most popular and widely applied.

Electronic platform scales usually consist of the load-taking platform with load cells,the weight indicator, the junction, equalising box, the package of cables.


- high accuracy (not worse than 0,1%);

- a wide range of working temperatures (from -20 to +50°C);

- simplicity and convenience at installation;

- high maintainability - the construction consist of not scarce standard and simple in manufacture details;

- possibility of manufacture of metalware of the platform scales from stainless steel;

- possibility of manufacture of special platform scales on specifications of the Customer.


The firm "Sweda" manufactures industrial platform scales of different functions and with various executions of the weight platform:

- usual platform scales of floor or cutting-in executions;

- low-profile platform scales, different in short height, allowing to eliminate their integration in floor;

burst-proof platform scales for use in heavy industrial conditions;

special platform scales for weighing of tubes.

Electronic industrial platform scales SWEDA VP are issued in various modifications, different in magnitudes of the upper weighing limit (from 50 to 100000 kg) and discrecity of indication. 

Climatic modification of scales NF 3.1 in accordance with the State Standard 15150-69, but at temperature from - 10 to +50°C.

Protection index of scales components in accordance with the State Standard 14254-96:

weight indicator......IP65;

- load cells...............IP67.

You can buy electronic platform scales SWEDA VP after filling-up of the questionnaire. The price for the platform scales is defined after conformity of technical requirements with the managers of the firm.