The device for manual bag sewing

The device for manual bag sewing

The device for manual bag sewing is intended for sewing of paper, polypropylene, jute bags filled with a product.

The bag sewing line consist of a cradle, a stand, a hanger of the bag sewing machine and a mobile bogie.

The mechanism of the looper of the bag sewing machine is specially strengthened, the machine is also equipped with a roller presser for simplification and speedup of bag motion.


- a simple and safe construction;

- a mobile cradle, which is easily fixed;

- easy regulation of a stich step: from 5 to 10 mm;

- a roller presser pierces the bags of any width;

- industrial bearings increase the resource and capacity of the machine;

- minimum costs for service.

The given article is developed specially for mechanization of the operations with low capacity, inexpensive, safe and easy-to-work equipment.

The bag sewing machines pass careful technical quality control at all stages of the production process.



Weight of the weighed and transported bag, kg

       to 50

Distance of the bag transportation, m 


Machine type

(in coordination with the Customer)

    GK 26-1A

Capacity, bags/hours

(depends on the operator)


Length of a stitch, mm

(is regulated)


Supply voltage, V


Mass, kg


  • transportation and sewing of bags, filled with a product.
  • the cradle with a mobile bogie;
  • the bag sewing machine (in accordance with the Customer);
  • the inertia mechanism.

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