Automatic tensometric belt scales SWEDA VK are intended for continuous measuring of mass of loose and lump materials transported by belt conveyors at commercial, accounting and technological operations. 

Belt scales SWEDA VK since 1992 are delivered and are successfully operated in 11 CIS countries.

 Belt scales SWEDA VK - first scales of the domestic production which have passed the state tests and since 2008 are certificated in the CIS countries. It allows their using in commercial calculations.


Belt scales SWEDA VK are manufactured in 2 modifications:

SWEDA VK-202 - for technological weighing (with single-roll weight platform) and the error ±1-2 %.

SWEDA VK-230 - for commercial weighing (with multi-roll weight platform) and the error is not worse than ±0,5 %.


- a dismountable construction with a small amount of nodes and details that allows to transport and supply easily to the installation place immediately on a plant;

- highly reliable components of the electronic block and load cells;

- high accuracy (not worse 0,5 %), a wide range of working temperatures (from -20 to +50°С);

- possibility of using for portion batching of material, for example, at its batch in freight cars and technological aggregates;

- simplicity and convenience at mounting - scales are mounted for 2-3 working shifts by a brigade from 2, 3 experts;

- scales can be calibrated and checked without weighing the material again by means of delivered (optionally) a special load simulator (UKVK-201);

- high serviceability - a construction consists of not scarce standard and simple in manufacture details;

- mobility - a construction is easily disassembled, transported, transferred on storage.


- Belt scales for measuring of mass of loose materials carry out measuring and indication on a digital board of current capacity of the conveyor and values of mass of the weighed material by the accruing total;

- Belt scales can be completed with a portable board, fixed in an office of a chief engineer, a machine shop manager, a manufacturing manager, that allows operatively both to receive the information from scales, and to operate them remotely from distance to 1200m.

нFeatures of application and choice

- Belt scales refer to the type of scales, which exactitude and reliability of operation is inseparably linked with a place of their installation and maintenance, namely - with the conveyor;

- Length of free from the additional manufacturing equipment rectilinear part of the conveyor (not less than 10m);

- The angle of inclination (no more than 20°) of the conveyor;

- Quality and width of the conveyor belt (absence of junctions of rough riveting);

- Tension type (it is advisable - cargo) of the belt;

- Uniformity of the conveyor loading and so forth

These factors which along with design features and correctness of installation of the belt scales have crucial importance for their exact operation.

Considering it, at choosing of the belt scales it is necessary to evaluate carefully advertised by some manufacturers exactitude of their production at level ± 0,25 % and below.

You can buy belt scales for measuring of mass of loose materials SWEDA VK after filling-up of the questionnaire and after conformity of technical requirements with managers of the company.