The firm "Sweda" has long-term experience of development and manufacture of scales and batchers of special purpose. For this purpose there are the high-class experts in the firm staff, well qualified in the features of tensometric weighing, embodiment of scales and batchers, modern element base and structure of electronic blocks of scales, algorithms of the digital handling of a signal from the load cells and their program realization etc.

Mechanical engineers, design engineers, engineers of electronic technology and programmers of the firm, experts of the industrial part and service engineers are capable to solve the problems on working out and manufacture of non-standard scales and batchers directly by the specifications of the Customer in necessary terms.

Thus, in the list among the firm production there is a series of articles of the special purpose, developed under the concrete technical requirements, for example:

The scales for the pneumochamber pump, intended for cement weighing at its transportation in the technological processes on its manufacture;

The complex on packing and transportation of cement, which is intended for control of filling of valve bags with cement and their shipment;

The torquemeter of the rotor blades for measuring of the static moments of the blades at assembly of gas-turbine drives;

The system of fuel weighing, which is intended for measuring of mass and batching of mix materials in lime-calcined (gas) ovens;

The batcher of glass mixture for batching under the set program of powdered two components of mixture at the operations on glass manufacture;

The system of multicomponent batching is intended for control of the process equipment, realizing consecutive batching of the set portions of raw materials in the weight hopper, for example, at manufacture of ferroalloys;

The multipurpose software "MALOM" for the scales, the batchers of the firm "Sweda" and the systems on their base.

We suggest You to use the possibility to solve the existing problem the most precisely and completely by means of the non-standard scales or batchers, developed and manufactured specially under Your requirements and technical specification.