The weight accounting system of bags SUM-232 is intended for calculation of bags with production, moving in a flow on the conveyor belt at their transportation to the store room or shipment.

The operation principle of the system is grounded on measuring of weight and conveying speed of bags, moving on the weight platform.


o Advantages:

- reliable calculation of bags independently of their arrangement on the belt ("end-to-end", "overlapping", against each other, across the conveyor etc.);

- the combined way of calculation of bags number (by weight, motion speed of the conveyor belt, by bags length etc.);

- control and exclusion of interference in system operation with conveyor blocking;

- control and exclusion of attempts of giving to the store room of extraneous packages (bundles, bags, boxes) etc.;

- information saving about system operation (stops, errors etc.) in the computer journal of events;

- control of the set quantity of bags at shipment to the transport of the Customer (a carriage, a car). 


The system SUM-232 allows to eliminate finished goods, to increase the process of it's shipment to the Customer, to save material means. 


Since 2002 hundreds of samples of the system SUM-232 are operated at the enterprises of 7 countries.