The batcher for free-flowing materials

The batcher for free-flowing materials

The automatic batcher for free-flowing materials DWS-301-50-2 is intended for batching of easy-flowing powder materials (for example, zirconium) in sewing bags (bags of the open type). 

The operation of the batcher is based on cyclic batching of the material in the open (sewing) bag fixed by a pneumoclamp. Material batching is carried out by a special interflange plate (a disk shutter of type "butterfly"), ensuring safe overlapping and flowing of the material. Control of batching in the mode "ROUGH" and "PRECISE" is ensured by changing of the position of the shutter disk by a special pneumatic actuator. After the batching end the bag clamp is unclenched and the filled bag is dropped automatically. On the board of the weight processor of the batcher the weight of the dose and the amount of doses (material) in pieces or tons is displayed by the accruing total.

о Advantages:

- A semi-automatic mode of operation (the human controller only hangs a bag);

- Non-volatile memory for saving of current and total information;

- Presence of the standard interface for link with the automatic control system;

- Simple bilingual (Russian/ English) menu of the operator;

- The detailed operation documentation.

Ample opportunities:

- High accuracy ±0,5%;

- High capacity (to 200 bags/hours);

- Automatic adjustment of the settings "rough-precise" of batching;

High reliability:

- A strong construction;

- Applicaton of the electronic components and the electropneumatic drive of the leading foreign manufacturers.

The weight processor of the batcher for fluid materials displays the series of parameters, fully reflecting it's operation, for exemple, the value of current product mass, the amount of doses, the accruing total for a shift, a season and so forth. 

The weight batcher for easy-flowing and fluid materials SWEDA DWS-301-50-2 can be delivered together with the bag sewing line SWEDA LZM.

You can buy the weight batcher for fluid materials SWEDA DWS-301-50-2, having filled the corresponding questionnaire and having coordinated the price with managers of the firm. The services in chief-installation, adjustment, commissioning of the batchers of fluid materials can be included in the price.



Batching limits, kg

from 10 to 70

Discrecity of indication, kg


Maximum permissible error of a dose, %, no more


Capacity, bags/ hour

not less than 360

Overall dimensions, no more, than mm


Mass, no more, than kg


Nominal pressure of compressed air, MPa

0,4 ±0,04

Power consumption, VA, no more



Power supply of the batcher

single-phase main of alteate current

90...260 V

47...63 Hz

Air consumption, m3/ hour


Batcher control


Temperature range of operation

from -10 to +45 ºС

Protection index from dust and water permeation:

- the batcher

- the weight processor PW-310



IP 54

IP 65

  • principle of the product weighing tensometric-electronic, the control mode-electropneumatic;
  • filling-up of the bag with the material - by flow of the falling material;
  • control of the batching process - automatic;
  • the batching process is accompained by the indication on the digital board of mass of the batching material and the total of doses by the accruing total;
  • the batcher has an out on the exteal recording devices by the standard interface RS-485;
  • bag hanging is made manually by the operator;
  • bag dropping is executed automatically;
  • for batcher embedding in systems of the information gathering the weight processor PW-310 ensures data transmission to peripherls (a PC or a portable board);
  • PW-310 ensures forming of the data joual for saving of the information about the common total, and also date and time of recording of this information in the joual and the joual of events for saving of the information on the executed processes by the maintenance personnel, and also recording of all errors;
  • saving of totals and settings of the batcher at s n cutting off the supply voltage is ensured;
  • PW-310 of the batcher has the selective (Russian/ English) interface of the user, firmware system of tests, password protrection of settings from casual or deliberate measuring, blocking of the batcher operation at corruption of setting data, convenient simple system of calibration of the weight-measuring device.
  • The neck for packing in bags on 25-50 (5-15) kg
  • The load cell
  • The electronic block
  • The pneumatic actuator package
  • The rotary shutter "butterfly" dU-200
  • The operation documentation

CIS countries

"Tioline", Republic Kazakhstan

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