Hopper volume 960 (1100 l)
Hopper volume 150 l, 230 l
Hopper volume 150 l, 230 l
Hopper volume 600 l
Two hoppers in volume 200 l each
Hopper volume 60 l
Hopper volume 100 l
Hopper volume 1300 l
Hopper volume 180 l (weighing of liquid products)
Hopper volume 3000 l (weighing of liquid products)
Hopper volume 1300 l
 The quality of hopper scales SWEDA WBA is proved by the certificates of  many countries. The hopper scales are entered into the State registries of the measuring devices of these countries.


Hopper scales SWEDA WBA provide portion weighing and account of free-flowing and liquid products in a flow.


 Convenience of maintenance:

- simple setting and calibration;

- high (not worse ± 0,1) accuracy, possibility of using at commercial calculations;

- automatic control of weighing and batching;

- various types of a drive gear (electro- or electro-pneumatic);

- operation in the batching mode.

High reliability:

- strengthened construction of the weight hoppers;

- application of electronic components and load cells of the leading world companies.

Ample opportunities:

- a range of volumes of the weight hopper from 50 to 2000l;

- a range of capacity from 50 to 250t/hour;

- weighing and batching both free-flowing and liquid materials;

- presence of the non-volatile journal of events and totals (hour, shift and so forth);

- data transmission by interface RS-485 or RS-232  (protocol ModBus).

Various complete set:

- loading devices - a sector or flat damper, a valve "butterfly", a worm feeder, a vibrating feeder and so forth;

- a portable board for installation in a switchboard room, an office of a chief engineer, a manufacturing manager;

- a portable modem for wireless data transmission;

- special software for automatic control system of the engineering process.

- On the board of scales the value of mass of the material portion and mass of the weighed materials by the accruing total is continuously displayed, and on choice - all parameters of hopper scales.

- Experts of the firm will ensure chief-installation, adjustment, commissioning, guarantee and subsequent engineering service of scales.


Hopper scales are used in technological processes at portion batching and account of free-flowing and liquid raw materials in mining and smelting and chemical manufacture, in sugar and baking branches, mixed feed, cement, building mixtures industry and so forth. They can be used also as a hopper batcher. Hopper scales allow making exact account of production at unpacked storage in store rooms in containers and hoppers. 

Hopper scales and hopper batchers include one or several hoppers with loading-unloading nodes (dampers, shutters, valves), a package of load-receiving nodes with load cells, a weight processor, a junction box, a package of cables. If necessary the scales are completed with one or several portable boards, a modem of link with the PC. 

The volume, the geometrical sizes and the shape of the hoppers is defined by characteristics and properties of the weighed material, requirements on capacity of scales and mass of the batching portion. The type and characteristics of the loading-unloading devices are selected proceeding from the demanded time of the scales cycle, properties of the material, environment parameters.

The firm "Sweda" manufactures a wide assortment of hopper scales and hopper batchers for various free-flowing and liquid products, on capacity to 250 t/hour and volume of the hopper to 3000l with various devices of loading-unloading (a mechanical damper, a valve of type "butterfly", a vibrating feeder and so forth). A pneumo- or electric drive is used as the control unit.

The weight processor PW-310, used in hopper scales and batchers, realizes measuring of the signal from the load cells of scales, it's handling (including a digital filtration of dynamic interferences because of the hopper oscillations), indication and control of the actuators operation of the scales on the set algoritm. Besides, the processor ensures the link with the PC of the upper level of the automatic control system by the standard interfaces. 

Since 1992 the firm manufactured and delivered more than 1500 sets of the hopper scales for the operations of many countries.

You can find out the prices and buy hopper scales and hopper batchers SWEDA WBA after filling-up of the questionnaire and conformity of the technical requirements with managers of the company.