Crane scales VKR-100 are intended for static weighing of loads, moved by lifting mechanisms and suspended immediately on a crane hook.

Suspended crane scales are manufactured in two modifications - for usual (ЕТ-1А) and heavy (intensive) service conditions (ЕТ-1) and with infra-red or radio communication channel.


Crane scales VKR-100 - the first domestic electronic crane scales, which have passed the state tests and since 2002 are included into the State registry of measuring devices.

In April 2013 the scales were certificated according to the European standards DCTY EN 45501:2007.



Convenience of maintenance:

- simple distance setting and calibration;

- a wide temperature range (from -20°С to +50°С) and industrial execution (IP54) allow to use the crane scales both in store rooms, and on the open areas;

- a big (height of a symbol - 58 mm) super bright indicator, well visible even at solar illumination;

- control by infra-red (by a usual television panel) or radio channel;

- automatic indicator cutoff (in 8 sec after switching on) saves an accumulator charge;

- long (not less than 200 hours) operation without accumulator additional charge;

- availability of a special support (for supersize scales - on wheels) for storage and moving of scales.

Ample opportunities:

- a range of weighing limits - from 3 to 30 tons;

- possibility of weighing (with an additional heat shield) of hot ladles and metal ingots;

- data transmission by a radio channel on a special panel with LCD indicator;

- data transmission to the computer by a radio channel or through USB - port;

- availability of a wide complete set (infrared – and radio channel - panels, an additional accumulator, an automatic charger, support, a special software).

Crane scales have recently obtained great popularity. Their application allows accelerating considerably the process of acceptance of raw materials and shipment of finished goods, using them in technological processes, in particular, in metallurgical manufacture. Application of special thermo protective elements (thermo cranes) allows applying crane scales also in the conditions of high temperatures for weighing of ladles with the hot metal and hot slabs, to make exact flow of metal in steel moulds.

Suspended electronic crane scales VKR-100 ensure data transmission to the computer by a radio channel or direct from the control board.

Experts of the company carry out the service of the crane scales, their annual checking and repair. For this purpose at the enterprise there is a set of control weights of 4th discharge (mass 2t and 0,5t) and special load-receiving point with a telpher. It allows to carry out calibration and checking of scales not by an indirect method on a tensile-testing machine (as it is done by the majority of suppliers), but by their direct loading according to the State Standard EN 45501.

The company "Sweda" manufactures and delivers the crane scales VKR-100 in Ukraine since 1992. You can buy them at the price from 8100UAH.

More, than 30-year experience of development in area of crane scales, constant and operative support, repair and their checking by own reference weights, 18 month warranty – here are important advantages of our suspended crane scales.