The bag sewing line SWEDA LZM is intended for motion of bags, filled with free-flowing products or small-sized material. It is manufactured in 2 variants:

- the bag sewing line with a conveyor and automatic sewing machine;

- the device for manual sewing of bags.

Composition of the bag sewing line includes:

- a belt conveyor with a motor-reducer;

- a bag sewing stand with a sewing machine;

- a control cabinet;

- an electric treadle.


The belt conveyor (further - the conveyor) is intended for movement of the bags, filled with products, to the sewing-machine for sewing and further on the subsequent technological operation. The conveyor consist of the cradle with a driving and a tension drums, a motor-reducer, a conveyor belt and a bag enclosure. The conveyor supports are regulated, at the expense of what it is possible to change the conveyor height over the floor level.

The bag sewing stand is intended for installation of a swing arm with a sewing machine on it and it's electric motor. Also on the stand the control cabinet and the panel, intended for a motion control of the conveyor and operation of the sewing machine, are fixed.

In the control cabinet electromagnetic contactors, warning lamps, switches for energizing of the conveyor and the sewing machine electric motors are located.

The control panel serves for remote control of the conveyor drive gear in the modes "Stop", "Forward", "Back".

The electric treadle serves for switching on of the electric motor of the sewing machine.

Composition of the device for manual sewing of bags includes:

- the cradle with a mobile platform and a stand;

- the manual sewing machine.

The firm "Sweda" delivers the bag sewing lines with the conveyor 3m and 5m, capacity to 460 bags/hours.

The firm can also deliver the packing lines, including a batcher of free-flowing and granulated products (sugar, cereals, grains, mixed fodders) in sewing bags DWS-301, bag sewing lines and systems of bag account SUM-232.

Also packing lines allow not only to realize filling and packing of bags with production, but also their account and transportation immediately to the finished goods store room. It saves material and financial resources, eliminates production thefts.

Experts of the firm realize installation, chief-mounting and adjustment of the bag sewing and the packing line, their warranty service and repair.