The complex for transferring bags of type and filling sewing bags

The complex for transferring bags of type and filling sewing bags

The complex is intended for transferring of contents of bags of type "Big-Bag" in sewing bags of 10-50 kg.

Structurally the complex represents a dismountable frame construction with the unloader of bags "Big-Bag" and the weighing batcher for free-flowing materials DWS-301.

The complex operating principle consists in the following:

with the help of a transverse beam and a manual hoist the container of type "Big-Bag" is placed in the unloader and is ripped up. The flow of the loose product from the container through the intermediate neck arrives in the batcher DWS-301, where it is batched in the sewing bag, fixed earlier by the operator.

Feature of the construction ensures its mobility at transportation and mounting, use in the complex of the batcher DWS-301 allows to realize transferring of the product from "Big-Bag" into sewing bags in mass from 10kg to 50kg with high accuracy and operatively. The capacity of the complex - to 3 m3/hour, the batching error - no more than 0,2 %, the weight processor of the complex ensures the link with the PC for accounting and registration, the complex dimensions - 6000х1840х3200, the protection index IP54.



Technical capacity, m3/hour

to 3

Capacity of the batcher, bags/hour

to 360

Power supply

from a single-phase alteating-current mains with voltage 90...260 V, frequency 50...60 Hz

Protection index of covers of the electric equipment in  accordance with the State Standard: 

- the weight platform

- the weight processor




Average time to failure, hours, not less 


Average service life, years, not less: 

- before mid-life repair

- complete




Overall dimensions, mm


Average recovery time, hours, no more 


  • filling-up of a bag with material - by a flow of the falling material from a bag "Big-Bag"


Amount, piece

The weight batcher DWS-301


The metal construction of the unloader


The transverse beam


The manual hoist 1 ton


The bag unripper


The maintenance manual

 1 set


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