«SWEDA» - electronic industrial scales: crane and hopper, belt and truck, and also platform scales from manufacturer. Always available different weighing batchers (belt, hopper, weighing batchers of granular products in bags) and other weighing-and-filling equipment, sewing and packing lines.

The Scientific Production Firm "SWEDA, LTD", founded in 1992 by leading experts of the applied-research weight-measuring laboratory, develops and manufactures series of electronic industrial scales (platform, hopper, crane, belt, truck) and weighing batchers of continuous and discrete operation (belt and hopper, and weighing batchers of granular products in bags).The company delivers weighing-and-filling and packing equipment, systems of multicomponent batching, complexes of control of material flows of the enterprises. Thus, all our articles are certificated by metrology services and included into the State registries of measuring devices.

The feature of our company - manufacture of special scales and weighing batchers under individual orders and technical specification. We are ready to work with developers of new technologies, production managers of the enterprises, to consider and solve non-standard problems on weighing and batching of various materials, to manufacture the corresponding equipment and the software.

At the moment our company is ready to offer a wide range of production:


Our company offers the wide choice among batching equipment, including:  the weighing batcher of granular products SWEDA DWS-301 in bags of sewing (open) type, valve paper bags, soft containers (bags “Big-Bag”). We manufacture and deliver belt weighing batchers of continuous operation SWEDA DWL for manufacture of cement, agglofactories, chemical enterprises. Sugar, grains, building materials, coal, mineral fertilizers and so forth are batched by means of the weighing batchers of the company "Sweda, Ltd". On the basis of the batchers of free-flowing products and sewing lines SWEDA LZM, the company delivers packing lines and complexes of packing of free-flowing products.


Truck scales SWEDA VA, manufactured by us, are widely used by enterprises of various branches of industry and agriculture for exact weighing of raw materials and finished products transported by cars. The base package of truck scales includes a load-taking device, a weighing indicator, a bundle of cables and other components. There is a possibility of connection of truck scales to the PC and to the accounting system of the freight flows. The load-taking device of truck scales can be executed both in trestle (ground) type with concrete or metal ramps and in inserted type of construction. Upper weighing limit of scales – 80t, the length of ramps of the load-taking device - to 24 m.


Platform scales SWEDA VP are one of the most popular kinds of scales and are widely applied at the enterprises of engineering, mining and smelting complex, light and food industry. We manufacture platform scales of various types – inserted, low-profile with ramps and floor. Besides, the company manufactures platform scales in burst-proof execution (with weighing limit to 100t), platform scales for weighing of long-length (to 27m) loads (tubes, metal-roll). The choice among platform scales, delivered by the company, can satisfy the requirements of enterprises of any specialization.


Crane scales SWEDA VKR-100 are manufactured in various complete sets more than 20 years. They are used by the industrial enterprises of almost any specialization: store rooms and metal storehouses, shops of metallurgical and engineering complex. Crane scales with the special protecting shield are used in foundries and can measure weight of a casting ladle with the molten metal. All crane scales are equipped by the distant control board on infra-red or radio channel with data output on a computer. The scales VKR-100 of our manufacture - the first domestic suspended crane scales, passed the state tests and certificated in Ukraine and the CIS countries. Their high reliability and exactitude, various complete sets, simplicity in maintenance and possibility of usage both in locations, and on the open areas, have made crane scales VKR-100 one of the most demanded articles of the company.


Belt scales SWEDA VK are widely used by the enterprises of building, chemical, mining and smelting, food and other branches. Belt scales are intended for measuring of instant capacity and increasing mass of the material, transported by the conveyor. The scales are equipped with a weighing platform with load cells, a belt speed sensor and a digital display, on which the information about all parameters of scales is output (capacity and belt speed, linear load, length of the conveyor belt and so forth). The belt scales of our manufacture are certificated in Ukraine and the CIS countries and are used more than on 350 enterprises.


Hopper scales SWEDA WBA are intended for weighing and account of free-flowing and liquid products incoming from hoppers. Hopper scales work in the mode of portion loading-unloading of the product and allow counting of the total mass of portions per a shift, a day, a year with high accuracy. The scales are controlled by means of the modern electropneumatic actuator and safely work at the enterprises of various branches. The company manufactures hopper scale SWEDA WBA for weighing of granular products in a flow with capacity to 250 t/hour.

Purchasing crane, hopper, truck, belt, platform scales, weighing batchers, equipment for weighing-and-filling and packing and other articles of the company «Sweda, LTD», You give preference to accuracy, quality and reliability.