Screw batcher with a mixer

Screw batcher with a mixer



The automatic batcher for free-flowing materials SWEDA DWS-301-50-3 (a screw batcher) is intended for batching of bad-flowing and dust materials (cement, building mixtures, powders, mineral substances, flour, mixed fodders) in sewing bags (bags of the open type).

Presence in the batcher of a special mixer allows batching of the materials, inclined to bridging and caking. At usage of the mixer the material in a feed hopper is preliminary exposed to loosening before its feeding in the batching device.

The batcher operation is grounded on cyclic batching of the material in an opened (sewing) bag, fixed by a pneumoclamp. The material batching is carried out by the screw conveyor. The material feed in the mode "ROUGH" and "PRECISE", ensured by the change of the rotational speed of the screw. After the batching end the bag clamp is unclenched and the filled bag is automatically dumped. The weight of a dose and amount of doses (material) is displayed in pieces or tons by the accruing total on the board of the weight processor of the batcher.

о Advantages:

- Easy mounting and installation under the storage hopper;

- A semi-automatic mode of operation (the operator only hangs a bag);

- Non-volatile memory for storage of the journal of totals and settings;

- Link with the PC for account and registration;

- Bilingual (Russian / English) interface of the user;

- The detailed documentation for mounting and maintenance.

Ample opportunities:

- High accuracy ±0,5 %;

- Adjusting dose setting - from 10 to 50 kg;

- High capacity (from 100 bags/hours);

- Automatic adjustment of the settings "rough-precise" of batching;

- Execution of the construction from stainless steel is possible.

High reliability:

- A simple construction;

- Application of the electronic components and the electropneumatic drive of the leading foreign manufacturers.

On the display of the weight processor of the weight batcher the series of parameters of its operation can be displayed on the operator choice: the value of the batching mass of the product, the amount of doses, the accruing total for a shift and a season etc.

The weight batcher for bad-flowing and dusting materials SWEDA DWS-301-50-3 with the bag sewing line SWEDA LZM can be used as a part of a packing complex.

Having filled and having coordinated the corresponding questionnaire with the experts of the firm, You can buy the weight batcher SWEDA DWS-301-50-3, meeting all Your requirements. If necessary we can mount and start up the batcher in operation at Your enterprise.



Batching limits, kg

from 10 to 70

Discrecity of indication (dd), kg


Maximum permissible error of a dose, %, no more


Capacity, bags/hour

not less than 200

Overall dimensions, mm


Mass, kg, no more


Nominal pressure of compressed air, MPa


Power consumption, kw, no more


Mains supply

single-phase main of alteate current with voltage 220V±10 %

Batcher control

electromechanic, electropneumatic

Air consumption, m3/hour


Temperature range of operation

-10…+45 ºС

Protection index from dust and water penetration:

- the batcher
- the weight processor PW-310


IP 54

IP 65

  • principle of the product weighing tensometric - electronic, the control mode - electropneumatic;
  • filling-up of the bag with the material – conveying  of the material by the screw auger;
  • control of the batching process - automatic;
  • the batching process is accompanied by the indication on the digital board of mass of the batching material and total of doses by the accruing total;
  • the batcher has an out on the exteal recording devices by the standard interface RS-485;
  • bag hanging is made manually by the operator;
  • bag dropping is executed automatically;
  • for batcher embedding in systems of the information gathering the weight processor PW-310 ensures data transmission to the peripherals (a PC or a portable board);
  • PW-310 ensures forming of the data joual for saving of the information about the common total, and also date and time of the recording of this information in the joual and the joual of events for saving of the information on the executed processes by the maintenance personnel, and also recording of all errors;
  • saving of totals and settings of the batcher at s n cutting off of the supply voltage is ensured;
  • PW-310  of the batcher has a selective (Russian / English) interface of the user, firmware system of tests, password protection of settings from casual or deliberate measuring, blocking of batcher operation at corruption of the settings data, convenient simple system of calibration of the weight-measuring device.


Amount, piece

The screw conveyor


The mixer with a drive gear


The power-down button


The cradle


The weight processor PW-310


Package of the pneumo-equipment with the station of air treatment


The electric motor


The electric cabinet with the frequent converter


The slide valve


The branch pipe


The load cell


The weight neck


The operation documentation

1 set

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