The batcher in valve bags

The batcher in valve bags



The automatic batcher for free-flowing materials SWEDA DWS-301-50-6 is intended for batching of cement, building mixtures and powders (a batcher in valve bags).

The operation of the batching is based on cyclic batching of the material in the valve bag, fixed on the tip of the batcher by a pneumoclamp. Material batching is carried out by a centrifugal (rotor-type) feeder in the mode "Rough-Precise". After the batching end the bagclamp is unclenched and the filled bag is dropped automatically. On the board of the weight processor of the batcher the weight of the dose and the amount of doses (material) in pieces or tons is displayed by the accruing total.

о Advantages:

- Easy mounting and installation under the storage hopper;

- A semi-automatic mode of operation (the human controller only hangs a bag);

- Exclusion of dusting at the expense of the the cover with a fitting pipe for aspiration system;

- Non-volatile memory for storage of the journal of totals and settings;

- Link with the PC for account and registration;

- Bilingual (Russian/ English) interface of the user;

- The detailed documentation for mounting and maintenance.

Ample opportunities:

- High accuracy ±0,1%;

- High capacity (from 200 bags/hours);

- Automatic adjustment of the settings "rough-precise" of batching.

High reliability:

- A simple construction;

- Applicaton of the electronic components and nodes of the leading foreign manufacturers of Europe, the USA and Japan;

- Possibility of operative substitution of the stock components.

Using the simple menu the human controller can indicate on the display of the weight processor of the batcher the values of all parameters of it's operation, including the batching mass of the product, the amount of doses, the accruing total for a shift and a season and so forth. It allows operatively both to check the operation and to control it.

You can buy weight batchers SWEDA DWS-301-50-6, having coordinate the specifications of the batchers, amount of works on their installation and the corresponding price with managers of the firm. Further experts of the firm can execute the maintenance service of the weight batchers.



Batching limits, kg

from 10 to 50

Discrecity of indication, kg


Maximum permissible error of a dose, %, no more


Capacity, bags/ hour


Overall dimensions, mm


Mass, no more, than kg


Control of actuators


Nominal pressure of compressed air, MPa

0,4 - 0,6

Power consumption, VA, no more



Power supply of the batcher

three-phase main of alteate current

380 V

50 Hz

Air consumption, m3/ hour


Protection index from environmental effect:

 - the batcher

- the weight processor PW-310



IP 54

 IP 65 

 Temperature range of operation

 from -10 to +45 ºС

  • batching of free-flowing materials with automatic control by the batching mechanism of the batcher and automatic setting of parameters of batching for the purpose of reaching of the set value of a dose;
  • control of the actuator of bag fixing on the load-receiving device, the combined batching mechanism (the turbine thrower with air blowing up and the original sphincter valve), the gear for dropping of the batched bag with possibility of exteal synchronization of the moment of the bag dropping at operation as a part of a line;
  • fixing of the dose weight;
  • fixing of the amount of doses and the total weight of the batched material by the accruing total;
  • forming of the joual of hour, shift, month, annual totals, the joual of events for the information saving about executed processes by maintanence personnel (a process name, date and time) and the joual of all errors;
  • transmission of the described above data to the peripherals by the interface RS-485 or RS-232 with use of the protocol ModBus.
  • The cradle-foundation
  • The electric motor with a thrower
  • The cabinet with electric equipment
  • The shutter
  • The load cell
  • The weight processot PW-310
  • The electropneumatic actuator
  • The loader
  • The documentation package


PC "Hajdelberg Tsement" 

LLC "Elitstrojkomplekt"

LLC "Donetsk automobile group"

PLC "Zhivitsa"

LLC "Dnepr-Lastik", etc.

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