The unloader of bags "Big-Bag" (soft containers) is intended for transferring of contents of the bags "Big-Bag" in mass from 400 to 1000 kg in a storage container for subsequent storage or in the process equipment.

Unloading of material from a bag in a receiving neck is carried out self-flowing. The unloader of bags "Big-Bag" consists of a carcass with a telpher beam, on which a manual hoist is fixed, and an unloading module.

The unloading module consists of a receiving hopper with a hatch for bag service, a gate shutter, a device of big-bag shaking and a screw conveyor.

The receiving hopper in the upper part is executed in the form of a cone, over which the rubber membrane, for sealing of the bottom of a bag at its installation on the module, is fixed.

For shaking a vibrator is fixed on the hopper.

The receiving hopper is connected to a carcass through the rubber shock dampers - vibration isolators, which prevent the transmission of vibration impulses on the carcass structural components.

Conveying of the soft container with material in a zone of the aggregate operation is carried out by the loader or the piler, further the container with the help of slings is fixed to the hoist. Additionally it is possible to order a transverse beam for bag hanging up. The transverse beam is equipped with an ear for installation of a transverse beam on a hook and hooks for bag straps.

Climatic execution of the unloader of bags "Big-Bag" (soft containers) NFЗ.1 in accordance with the State Standard 15150-69 and is intended for operation in the following conditions:

- ambient temperature from -10 to +45°C;

- the upper value of relative air humidity 95 % at temperature +35°С.