The weight accounting system SUM-232

The weight accounting system SUM-232

The weight accounting system (the counter of bags) is intended for calculation of bags and boxes with production, moving in a flow on the conveyor belt at their transportation to the store room or shipment. The weight accounting system allows to eliminate finished goods thefts, to increase the process of it's shipment to the Customer.


- easy transportation - the construction in the disassembled aspect does not take a lot of place;

- a small amount of details ensures safe and fast mounting;

- phototransmitter application - there is no mechanical contact with the accounted material;

- adjustable roller supports allow to use rollers of the Customer.



A kind of indicating device

a digital indicator

Width of the conveyor belt, mm


Speed of the conveyor belt, no more, m/s 


Compensation of mass of not loaded belt


Bag mass (gross), kg

from 25 to 50

Minimum technological break between groups of bags, m


Admissible amount of bags without a technological break, piece


Power consumption, no more

10 VA

Range of working temperatures, °С 


Protection index from environmental effect:

- the weight processor PW-310

- the belt speed sensor, the phototransmitter and the photodetector


 IP 65

 IP 54

  • account of bags independently of the arrangement on the belt («end-to-end»,«overlapping», across the conveyor etc.);
  • combined calculation of bags number (by weight, motion speed of the conveyor belt, by bags length);
  • control and exclusion of interference in system operation with conveyor blocking;
  • information saving about system operation (stops, errors etc.) in the computer joual of events;
  • control of the set quantity of bags at shipment to the transport of the Customer (a carriage, a car).


Amount, piece


The weight platform



The load cell



The belt speed sensor



The weight processor PW-310



The infrared detector



The infrared transmitter



The junction box



The portable board

1 - 3

By request

The maintenance manual for the system




PC "Sugar plant of Zyuryupa"

PLC "Kramatorsky cement works Pushka"

PJSC "Food company "Podolia"

LLC "Radehivsky sugar"

LLC "Buchatsky sugar plant"

PLC "Novoivanovsky sugar plant"

PLC "Shepetivsky sugar plant"

LLC "Zbarazhsky sugar plant"

LLC IPK "Poltavazernoprodukt" ME "Globinsky sugar plant"

LLC "Kraevyd"

LLC "Spectechnica"

LLC "Trading company "Urozhay"

LLC "Borshchivsky sugar plant"

LLC "Buzhansky sugar"

LLC "Kozivsky sugar plant"

JSC "Agro-industrial association "Tsukrovik Poltavshchini" JE "Jareskivsky sugar plant"

PC "Rajz-Maksimko"

LLC "Sugar plant of Gorodenko"

LLC "Horostkivsky sugar plant"

LLC "Nosovsky sugar plant"

LLC "Palmirsky sugar plant"

LLC "Agricultural enterprise "Niva", etc.


PLC "Kolpnjansky sugar plant"

PLC "Hoholsky sugar plant"

PLC "Sugar plant "Lgovsky"

JSC "Buinsky sugar plant"

PLC "Uspensky sugar plant"

PLC "Atmis-sugar"

PLC "Elan-Kolenovsky sugar plant"

LLC "Olymsky sugar plant"

PLC "JSPA Aurora"

LLC "Livny-sugar"

PLC "Olhovatsky sugar plant"

JSC "Bijsky sugar plant"

PLC "Liskysakhar", etc.

 CIS countries

PLC "Zhabinkovsky sugar plant", Republic Belarus

LLC "Oil mill of Kostanaj", Republic Kazakhstan

JE "Sudzuker-Moldova", Republic Moldova

SC "MAGT-VEST", Republic Moldova, etc.

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