Traverse crane scales

Traverse crane scales

Traverse crane scales are intended for measuring of mass of the loads, displaced by means of cranes and suspended with the help of traverse. It can be long-length loads (tubes, bundles of tubes, bundles of metal products), ladles with molten metal and so fotrh.

The scales include a package of equipment placed on a traverse (a measuring part with a transceiver), a package placed in a cabin of a crane operator (a panel-board with a transceiver) and a big portable board. There is possibility of information transmission about the metal mass in a ladle to the working place of the caster and the computer.

The scales are manufactured in modification with the upper weighing limit from 5 to 100t, a weighing error - 0,1%.

The possibility of purchasing and installation , and also the price of scales in Ukraine are defined by experts of the company after the registration of the order and plant inspection on a place.



Upper weighing limit,t


Measurement error, %


Temperature range, ºС

-10 +50

Supply voltage, V


Height of a symbol of indication on a board, mm


  • measuring of the ladle weight "Gross", "Tara", "Net";
  • control and data transmission by the radio channel into the panel-board of the crane operator and a portable board (calibration from the crane cabin of the car);
  • there is an additional possibility of the indication transmission about the metal mass in a ladle to the working place of the caster, where the portable board with connection (if necessary) to the computer is fixed.

Package of the equipment fixed on the crane traverse:

  • load cells
  • load-lifting nodes (LLN)
  • weight processor
  • transceiver
  • autonomous power supply unit

Package of the equipment placed in the cabin of the crane operator:

  • panel-board
  • transceiver
  • portable board


Public company "Electrometallurgical works "Dneprospetsstal" of A.N. Kuzmin

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