Multi-roll belt scales VK-230

Multi-roll belt scales VK-230

Automatic belt scales SWEDA VK are intended for continuous measuring of mass of loose and lump materials transported by belt conveyors and indication on the digital board of current capacity of the conveyor and the mass value of weighed loose and lump materials at commercial, accounting and technological operations.


- easy transportation - compact sizes in the disassembled condition;

- convenience of mounting - scales are fixed on the belt width from 650 to 1600mm;

- fast installation - mounting of scales takes 3 working days;

- reliability - minimum quantity of details;

- maintainability - the construction consist of not scarce standard and simple details in manufacture;

- mobility - the scales can be removed on storage and transfered on other place with minimum efforts.

Parameter name Value



Conveyor type

grooved, flat

Angle of inclination of side rollers, degrees

no more than 30

Belt speed of the conveyor, m/s

from 0,5 to 3,5

Maximum capacity, t/h

to 3000

Width of the conveyor belt, mm


Length of the conveyor, m, not less


Output signal: analogue, mA

0-5, 0-20, 4-20

Protection index from the environmental effect:

- a weight platform

- a weight processor PW-310 and a board TV-330

- a speed sensor of the belt and a junction box


IP 67

IP 65

IP 54

Ambient temperature, ºС

from –20 to +50

Relative himidity at 35ºС, %

to 95


Supply voltage PW-310

АС 90…260 V/ 47…63 Hz 10 VA


DC 12…24 V 10 watt

The interface of link with the computer

RS – 232, RS - 485

  • determination of capacity of the conveyor and mass of the passed material;
  • possibility of portion batching (loading) in freight cars, technological aggregates;
  • saving of the current data at supply voltage disconnection;
  • link with a personal computer for account and registration;
  • indication on 16 digit display:


- current and total material consumption.


- conveyor speed;

- weight of the empty belt;

- lengths of the conveyor belt;

- linear board.


Quantity, pcs

Three-roller weight platform

(existing roller supports are used)


Load cells set


Junction  box


Belt speed sensor


Weight processor PW-310


Package of cables


Mounting set


Board TV-330-16

In addition under the separate order

Paackage of roller support 

In addition under the separate order

Maintenance documentation

1 set


Public Enterprise "Administration of industrial enterprises of the Public administration of rail transport of Ukraine"

LLC "VIG-Zhishkivsky sugar plant"

Private Enterprise "Innovation Technology"

Joint-Stock Company "Kharkov coking plant"

LLC "Energopolis"

LLC "Donenergoremont-2006"

LLC "Volochisk-agro"

Public Company "Vatutinsky refractory industrial complex"

PLC "Donbasenergo"

Private Enterprise "OVAS-SUGAR"

PLC "Shepetivsky sugar plant"

Joint Enterprise " Kapustjansky sugar" LLC "Podilsky sugar plant"

LLC "Sugar plant Horostkiv"

JSC "Gluhovetsky kaolin plant"

LLC "Road building "Altkom"

Public Enterprise "Tsukrovik Podillja" Joint enterprise "Narkevitsky sugar plant"

Open Company "UMTS" Public Enterprise "Sverdlovantratsit"

Public Enterprise "Artemugol"

LLC "APO" Tsukrovik Poltavshchini"

PJSC "Sugar plant of Zuryupa"

Public Company "Gnidavsky sugar plant"

DTEK "Kurahovsk thermal power plant"

Public Company "Derazhnjansky hlebopriemny enterpise", etc.


PLC "Pereleshensky sugar industrial complex"

LLC "Ertilsky sugar"

LLC "Bekovsky sugar plant"

LLC "Ros-Tiser"

PLC "Uvarovsky sugar plant"

LLC "Sugar", "Lopandinsky sugar plant"

PLC "Sugar industrial complex" Lgovsky"

LLC "Sugar plant "Bolshevik"

PLC "Vikor"

PLC "Sugar plant "Nikiforovsky"

LLC "Techinservis"

JSC "Zolotuhinsky sugar industrial complex"

PLC "Romodanovsahar", etc.

 CIS countries

LLC "Skidelsky sugar industrial complex", Republic Belarus

PLC "Gorodejsky sugar industrial complex", Republic Belarus

LLC "Lus Astg Shugr", Republic Armenia

SC «MAGT-VEST” SRL, Republic Moldova

PLC "Kaindy-Kant", Republic Kirghizia

PLC "Nurlatsky sugar plant", Republic Tatarstan, etc.

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