The quality of batchers SWEDA DWS and SWEDA DWL is proved by the certificates. The weighing batchers are included into the State registries of measuring devices of many countries.


Firm "Sweda" manufactures weighing batchers SWEDA DWS for packing (batching) of free-flowing products and materials in bags and SWEDA DWL for continuous batching of free-flowing substances (materials) in technology:

The weighing batcher of free-flowing products in sewing bags of open type;

The weighing batcher of free-flowing materials in valve bags;

- The weighing batcher of free-flowing substances in the soft container (bags of type "Big-Bag");

- The weighing batcher for batching of free-flowing (fluid) materials;

The screw weighing batcher for bad-flowing products;

- The belt weighing batchers (feeders) of continuous operation.

 Assignment of the belt batcher is maintenance of the set capacity of product supply in technological aggregates.

The customer can buy the packing complex consisting of a weighing batcher SWEDA DWS-301-70 in open bags and automatic bag sewing line SWEDA LZM.

о Advantages

Convenience of maintenance:

- high accuracy (±0,1% - for batchers of free-flowing products, 0,5% - for belt batchers);

- capacity of batchers in bags (to 400 bags/hours) of batching;

- simple setting and calibration;

- automatic control of weighing and batching;

- the detailed documentation for mounting and maintenance (including in English);

- possibility of execution from stainless steel.

The modern operation linked with manufacture and sale of production, packed in bags of various types, makes high requirements to the packing equipment. High capacity and accuracy, convenience of maintenance, reliability, operationability of reset, link with the computer and operation in a web together with other process equipment - here is a short list of requirements to the modern weighing batchers.

Manufactured by our firm the weighing batchers of free-flowing substances are operated in many countries and have all these advantages.

High reliability:

- application of electronic components and load cells of the leading world companies;

- using of the electropneumatic drive of the firm "Camozzi" (Italy).

Ample opportunities:

- batching of free- and bad-flowing materials;

- presence of the non-volatile journal of events and totals (hour, shift and so forth);

- data transmission by the interface RS-485 or RS-232 (protocol ModBus);

- bilingual (Russian/ English) interface of the user.

Various complete set:

- loaders of the batchers in bags - a sector plate, a shutter "butterfly", a screw feeder and so forth;

- a portable board for installation in a switchboard room, an office of a chief engineer, a manufacturing manager;

- a portable modem for wireless data transmission;

- the special software for the industrial control.

Experts of the firm will ensure chief-installation, adjustment, commissioning, guarantee and subsequent maintenance service of batchers.

You can buy batchers of free-flowing materials SWEDA DWS and SWEDA DWL after filling-up of the quastionnaire. The price for the weighing batcher of free-flowing materials is defined after conformity of technical requirements and complete set with managers of the firm.