The weight indicator IW-320

The weight indicator IW-320

The weight indicator IW-320 is intended for transformation of input analogue signals from tensoresistive transmitters and indication of weighing results in composition of weight-measuring devices and systems of monitoring and control.


- two measuring weight ports with possibility of parallel operation;

- indication of weight from two ports separately and (or) totally;

- simple calibration by exemplary weights, and with use of values mV/V of the transmitters;

- six- or four wire connection of transmitters;

- a selected range of input signals;

- modes of filtration, adjusted by the user, in the port of weight measuring;

- indication of instability of weight indications;

- indication of scales overloading;

- data transmission to peripherals by the serial interface with use of the protocol ModBus or by the protocol of the firm "Sweda";

- two-standard (RS-485 or RS-232), selected by the user, galvanically disentangled serial interface;

- use of wireless data transmission by means of the portable modem;

- connection of a portable doubling board for indication of weighing results;

- adjustable brightness of the indicator;

- possibility of operation from the autonomous power supply (accumulator) with possibility of additional charge of the accumulator at operation from the mains supply source;

- adjustable automatic shut-down of the gear on time;

- a support arm for gear fixing.



Power supply

from alteating-current mains with voltage 90...260 V, frequency 50...60 Hz or (by request) from the autonomous accumulative power supply with nominal voltage 6 V (storage batteries are not incl into the delivery package)

Overall dimansions, no more, mm

182х110х90 (without a support arm)

Mass, kg, no more


The display

light-emitting diode, 8 discharges, 7 segments, height of a decade 14,5 mm


0,5 microvolt/division (1-3,3 mv/v, class III)

Range of an input analogue signal of direct current voltage, mv

0...80 in ranges: 0...0, 0...20, 0...40, 0...80 (the range is selected at setting)

Power supply of the tensoresistive transmitter

5 V of direct current voltage

Amount of connection ports of the tensoresistive transmitters

1 or 2 (by the additional order)

Number of transmitters

8 and more (common input resistance of transmitters-not less than 50 Ohm)

Length of the transmitter cable

50 m maximum of four wire and 9 m of six wire

Inteal resolution, discharges


Industrial resolution, references


Commercial resolution, references


Discrecity of indication

1x10а; 2x10а; 5x10а, where a - a whole positive and negative number in the range from minus 3 to 3 or zero

The program filtration of a measured signal defined by the user

the range of change of the filter coefficient 1...99

Control buttons

4 pieces

The serial interface

galvanically disentangled RS-232 or
RS-485 (is defined by the user)

  • measuring and indication of mass of the weighed material by one scales;
  • measuring and indication of mass of the weighed material by two scales;
  • measuring of mass of the weighed material by two scales and indication of its total value;
  • overloading indication;
  • indication of instability of weight observations;
  • selection of tare mass;
  • printing of weighing results automatically with the set period or by the button pressing;
  • data transmission to the peripheral by the serial interface.


Amount, piece

The weight indicator IW-320

1 piece

The support arm with fastening screws

1 piece

The connector for connection of the transmitter DB-9 

1 piece

The connector for connection of the interface DB-9 

1 piece

The maintenance manual

1 copy


LLC "KreMix"

JSC "Zaporozhmetalloopttorg"

JSC "The trading house"Sokolovsky Sugar"

LLC "Exson-group"

PLC "Zaporozhsky plant of welding fluxes and glassware", etc.

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