The batching controller

The batching controller

The batching controller serves for joint operation with the circuit of automatic control of the process equipment, realizing consecutive batching of portions of burden materials in the weight carriage. The batching controller carries out the transformation of an output voltage of the load cells of the load-receiving device of the weight carriage in the digital form, its logical and mathematical handling and generation of the corresponding signal in the external circuit of control for support of portion weight batching of seven burden components.

Power supply

from alteating-current mains with voltage 90 … 260 V, frequency 50 … 60 Hz with use of the integral power supply, or from direct-current mains with voltage 12 … 24 V

Power consumption, VА, no more

10 (without loads connected to discrete exits)

Time of an out for a steady state of operation, minute, no more


Overall dimensions, mm

280 х 182 х 90

Mass, kg, no more


Temperature range, °C

from – 10 to + 50

The display

liquid crystal character with illumination, 2х16 decades, height of a decade10 mm

Range of an input analogue signal of direct current voltage, mv

is fixed depending on the operating transmission coefficient of the load cells in ranges 0 - 10, 0 - 20, 0 - 40 and 0 - 80

Range of an output analogue signal of direct current, mA

0…5; 0…20; 4...20

Reception of discrete signals

to 8 ports of galvanically disentangled signals of direct current with voltage 12 … 24V

Output of discrete signals

8 (16) ports of galvanically disentangled signals of direct current with voltage 12 … 24V and output capacity 0,5 A. The total load no more than 40 VА

Power supply of the tensoresistive transmitter

5 V of direct current voltage

Amount of connection ports of the tensoresistive transmitters

1 or 2 (by request)

Number of transmitters

to 8 (at input resistance of transmitters 400 Ohm)

Maximum length of a cable for transmitter connection, m

50 (at 6 wire connection)

Inteal resolution of the measuring channel of transmitters, discharges


Industrial resolution, references


Commercial resolution, references


Change of a transformation coefficient from temperature, no more

0,01 %/10°С

Division value

1; 2; 5х1; 0,1; 0,01; 0,001

Units measure

kg, t, kg/m, t/hour, m, m/s

Control buttons

4 pieces

The serial interface

The first channel RS-485 / RS-232;

The second channel- RS-485 (option)

Non-volatile memory (RAM), Kb


Memory of programs with possibility of built-in programming in volume, Kb


Non-volatile memory EEPROM, Kb


Name Amount, piece
The batching controller 1 piece
The maintenance manual 1 piece

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