Scales for animals (cattle scales) are intended for head or group weighing of big and small cattle on meat-packing plants, departments and farms.

Scales for weighing of animals represent a weight platform with load cells, a set of grids with entrance and exit doors a weight indicator IW-320.


- The construction of the weight platform excludes falling and slipping of animals;

- Metal constructions of scales have powder painting that allows operating the cattle scales on the open area, realizing their washing with water and special agents;

- The scales for animals are supplied with autonomous power supply;

- The function of filtration and calming of a signal from the load cells for it's precise measurement is realized in the electronic block of scales.


- Measuring and indication of mass values "gross", "net", "tara";

- Accumulation of weighing results and forming of reports for a shift, a day;

- Link with computer by the interfaces RS-232 or RS-485.

Firm "Sweda" as the manufacturer, has a possibility of manufacture and delivery of scales for animals of any dimensions and construction according to the requirements of the Customer.

You can buy electronic cattle scales in Ukraine after filling-up of the questionnaire. The price for the scales for weighing of animals if defined after conformity of technical requirements with the managers of the firm.