Truck scales SWEDA VA are intended for static weighing of vehicles, including cars with trailers, at commercial and account operations and indication of results on the digital board of the weight indicator.

Base composition of scales:

- a load-receiving device

- a load cells set

- a weight indicator

- a cables set

- an equalizing gear

- a documentation set


- a video surveillance system

- a system of traffic lights

- an external board

- a computer with a printer

- a program of link with a PC

- a program of the account of the freight flows

The scales are manufactured in the various modifications, different by magnitudes of the upper weighing limit (UWL), the sizes and embodiment of the load-receiving device (LRD): low-profile and cutting-in. LRD represents a modular construction consisting from one or several weight-measuring platforms.

The company manufactures truck scales at the upper weighing limit from 30t to 80t and LRD by total length from 6m to 24m and width to 3m.

The truck scales of modification "low-profile" of overground (elevated) arrangement with ramps are fixed on the ferro-concrete foundation of small depth. Weight-measuring platforms are manufactured in the form of modules (6х1m or 6х3m), assembled on a place.

The sample of LRD of this type is displayed in the drawing:

VA photo

1 – a weight-measuring platform; 2 - a finger; 3 - a cover; 4 – a stopper; 5,7 - an inserted detail; 6 – a load cell.

The truck scales of modification "cutting-in" are fixed in the ferro-concrete foundation (pit) and represent all-welded modular constructions.

The weight indicator IW-320 ensures transformation of the analogue signal from the load cells into digital, its processing, calibration and indication of weighing results on the light-emitting diode 8 digit display with height of symbols 14,5 mm. The indicator contains the analogue-digital converter AD7730 with the internal resolution 24 discharges, the single-chip computer AT89S8252, 4 keyboard pad, has standard interfaces (RS-232 or RS-485) for information output on the external board, the PC and the printer. The indicator is executed in the leakproof plastic body of German manufacture 182х110х90 mm, protection index IP65.

The firm "Sweda" delivers the truck scales with use of imported load cells on choice of the Buyer. All load cells are certificated in Ukraine, differ in cost and firms-manufacturers.

The truck scales are intended for operation in areas with moderate and cold climate at temperature: in the installation site of the LRD – from -30 to +50°С; in the installation site of the weight indicator IW-320 – from -10 to +50°С. The upper value of relative humidity is 95 % at 35°С.