At one of the sugar factories of the Khmelnitsky region, the specialists of our firm were completed the installation supervision of a weight batcher in "Big-Big" with a reloader. This modification of the weight batcher DWS-301-1000-1-P is equipped with additional facilities: a weighing belt conveyor (instead of a weighing platform), a storage belt conveyor, and an overhead supply hopper.

The batcher SWEDA DWS-301-1000-1-P also has a set of features:

- Increased productivity (to 35 bags/hour);

- Stainless steel tract (optional);

- Fan for blowing the bag eliminates spillage of the product;

- Automatic release of straps and bag removal from the dosing area;

- Communication with the automated control system of the enterprise and the owner's office;

- There are no special requirements for operating conditions and staff;

- Prompt installation and commissioning.

More details about this modification of the weight batcher DWS-301-1000-1-P at the link: BatcherDWS-301-1000-1-P