For the joint Ukrainian-Danish enterprise, which is one of the largest producers of fermented protein additives, our firm has produced and supplied the following equipment:

- belt feeders SWEDA DWL (4 units);

device of imitation of loads per unit of length;

- weight batcher in big-bags DWS-301-1000-1;

- packing complex in open-mouth bags, consisting of a weight batcher DWS-301-50-1 and bag sewing line SWEDA LZM.

The belt feeders of our production will be use for batching of pre-crushed soybean and rape seed and crushed wheat for transfer to further mixing with the fermented mixture in certain proportions.

The weight batchers DWS-301 mounted for packing of final product in open-mouth bags and big-bags.

The filling complex equipped with the bag sewing line for sewing polypropylene bags filled with a product. 

According to this project, the specialists of the firm "Sweda, Ltd" perfomed a full cycle of works: manufacturing, delivery, mounting and adjustment of the equipment, as well as staff training.