Remote controller for VKR-100R

Remote controller for VKR-100R

The remote controller is intended for control of operation of the crane scales VKR-100R (including several, integrated in the radio network). It represents a portable device on the basis of the one-chip micro-computer with the liquid crystal display and the membrane pad, stocked with the radio module (transceiver) and the built-in antenna. The panel sends radio commands to the scales (setting of the scales parameters, calibration, weight measuring), accepts the response data, indicates them on the panel indicator (including the measured weight). The panel allows to execute the operations with the total and to fill the database for the subsequent transmission to the computer by the USB interface or by the radio channel.



Range of action of the radio channel (RC) of distance control, not less

50 m

Power supply

3В (2 batteries, size АА)

Overall dimensions of the remote controller, no more, than, mm


Mass RC, no more

0,25 kg

  • control of operation of the crane scales VKR-100R



The remote controller for VKR-100R

1 piece

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