Burst-proof scales

Burst-proof scales

Burst-proof platform scales are intended for weighing of loads in the conditions of intensive maintenance and heightened impact loads. For prevention of outage of the load cells, the platform is fixed on the springs. The scales are used in accounting and technological operations at the industrial operations. The results of weighing are output on the board of the weight indicator.


- the scales assume the possibility of falling of the load in mass 25t on the platform of scales from height of 100mm;

- possibility of installation of the indicator in any convenient position (a stand, a cantilever on a wall);

- informative screen of the indicator;

- simple calibration with reference weights, and with use of values mV/V of transmitters;

- non-volatile memory for storage of the journal, totals and settings;

- data transmission to peripherals by interface RS-485 or RS-232 with use of standard protocol ModBus;

- use of wireless data transmission by means of the portable modem;

- the journal of totals (hours, shifts, months, annuals);

- the journal of events;

- built-in tests;

- password protection of settings;

- bilingual (Russian/English) interface of the user. 



Upper weighing limit, t


Lower weighing limit, kg


Discrecity of indication, kg


Threshold of sensitivity, kg


Maximum permissible errors in weighing intervals at primary checking/maintenance, kg:

- from 200 to 5000

- from 5000 to 20000

from 20000 to 30000






Accuracy class of scales


Weighing time, sec

no more than 2

Kind of indicating device

a digital indicator

Power supply

from alteating-current mains with voltage 220 V, frequency (50±1) Hz

Power consumption, watt

no more than 10

Interface for link with PC


Protection index from environmental effect:

- the indicator

- the load cells


IP 65

IP 67

Range of working temperatures, ºС:

- the platform with load cells

- the weight measuring device




Overall dimensions LRD, mm

  • semi-automatic zero setting;
  • signalling about overloading;
  • information transfer to peripherals (a PC, a board and so forth).



LRD, including the load cell:

- for scales with UWL  300 kg

- for scales with UWL > 300 kg

1 set

1 or 4 pieces

4 pieces

Weight indicator IW-320** 

1 piece

Equalizing box*

 1 piece

Junction box* 

 1 piece

Installation kit

1 set

Maintenance documentation

1 copy

  * - by request

  ** - similar can be used


PLC "Novomoskovsk tube factory"

PC "Electrometallurgicall works "Dneprospetsstal" of A.N. Kuzmin

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