The weight belt feeder

The weight belt feeder

The weight belt feeder SWEDA DWL is intended for continuous batching with the set capacity of free-flowing and lump materials.

о Advantages:

Convenience of maintenance:

- high accuracy (not worse ±0,5%);

- presence of the device of screw and cargo belt tautness;

- a device of automatic belt centering;

- presence of the cleaning device of external and internal belt surface;

- automatic adjustment of scraper knifes in the process of runout;

- a device of the back drum cleaning;

- presence of the cover with a fitting pipe for aspiration system;

- a needle-shaped slide valve, allowing complete blocking of the material feed;

- a loading neck with protection of the belt from attrition;

- a special jointless belt with possibility of fast substitution;

- completing by a vibro-funnel for bad fluid materials;

- thermal protection of the drive from overheating;

- a transmitter of the belt abruption;

- the detailed documentation for mounting and maintenance.

Ample opportunities:

- width of the conveyor belt from 650 mm to 1400 mm;

- a capacity range from 3 to 630 t/hour;

- length of the conveyor from 2,5 to 8 m;

- possibility of application on the materials with temperature to 200°С;

- automatic maintenance of the set capacity of the batcher;

- control of the batcher from a portable board, an external computer of the batching node;

- diagnostics of failures of the batcher components, indication of a cause of a failure on the control board;

- presence of the non-volatile journal of events and totals (hour, shift and so forth);

- data transmission by the interface RS-485 or RS-232 (protocol ModBus).

High reliability:

- a strong construction of the conveyor;

- application of the complete parts and the basic nodes (a motor-reducer, a frequent converter, electronic components) of the leading foreign manufacturers.




Upper capacity limit (UCL), t/h

4 - 630

Lower capacity limit, % from UCL


Maximum permissible error of batching, in % from UCL

± 0,5

Traverse speed of the conveyor belt, m/s

from 0,01 to 0,5









Overall dimansions,

(L х B х H) mm

Mass, kg


2800 х 1500 х 900



2800 х 1700 х 900



2800 х 1950 х 900



3180 х 2075 х 900









 Standard complete set:                    Additional complete set:

- The belt conveyor;                           -  The portable board;

- The panel of the local control;           -  The special slide valve;

- The control cabinet.                         -  The protecting cover.

 Belt batcher DWL   Belt batcher Sweda  DWL

The conveyor composition includes a load neck with a valve, a motor-reducer, a weight measuring device with load cells, drums, a belt speed sensor, a device of control and adgusting of the belt position. In the control cabinet a frequent converter (invertor) and a weight processor PW-310 are located.

Operating principle:

The batching material arrives from the feeding hopper through the slide valve and the load neck on the conveyor belt. The neck with adjusting valve forms the height of the material layer on the belt. The conveyor is set in motion by a motor-reducer, linked with the driving drum.

The weight measuring device converts the load on the belt into the proportional electric signal. The belt speed sensor is linked with a shaft of the driven drum.The signals from the weight measuring device and the belt speed sensor arrive into the weight processor PW-310, in which the digital conversion and handling of these signals is carried out. By the results of handling the corresponding output current signal (4-20) mA is generated, which sets the frequency of the particular invertor and, hence, changes the speed of rotation of the motor-reducer so that the capacity of the batcher was equal to the set.

On two wires of the standard interface RS-485 the weight processor can realize data exchange with additional peripherals (a personal computer, a portable board).

You can buy weight belt batchers SWEDA DWL, meeting all Your requirements. Experts of the firm will ensure chief-installation, adjustment, commissioning, guarantee and subsequent service of batchers.




Maximum permissible error of batching, in % from UCL

± 0,5

Maximum permissible error of measuring of the total mass, in % from the measured mass

± 0,5

Lower capacity limit, in % from the upper (nominal) capacity


Upper capacity limit, t/h



- SWEDA DWL-1000

- SWEDA DWL-1200

- SWEDA DWL-1400 

4 - 63

63 - 100

100 - 250

250 - 400

400 - 630 

Traverse speed of the conveyor belt, m/s

from 0,01 to 0,5


Note: the batchers with order set values of the upper capacity can be man tured by request and depending on the properties of the batching material.

  • maintenance of the set capacity
  • account of the material passed on the conveyor
  • indication of values of capacity, shift and accruing totals
  • shipment of the set dose of the material with the set capacity
  • output signal (0-5 mA, 4-20 mA), proportional to the capacity (by request)
  • saving of the current data at supply voltage cutting off


Ammount, piece

The belt conveyor, with the additional equipment:

1 set

The tensoresistive transmitter

2 pieces

The panel of the local control

1 piece

The belt speed sensor

1 piece

The control cabinet:

1 set

The weight processor PW-310

1 piece

The frequency converter

1 piece

The board-terminal TV-330-16

1 piece

The documentation set

 1 copy


PLC "Podilsky cement"

PLC "Ukrgrafit"

LLC "Energopolis"

JSC "Novoselovsky ore-dressing and processing enterpise"

PLC "Gorlovsky by-product coke plant"

PLC "Azovstal"

PLC "Jasinovsky by-product coke plant"

LLC "Makeevsky by-product coke plant"

PLC "Donetskstal"

PLC "Zaporozhogneupor"

PLC "Doncement" - "Heidelberg Cement", etc.


LLC "Silicate"

Firm "Progress", etc.

CIS countries

"Rustavicementy", "Sakcementy", Georgia

PLC "Slutsky sugar refining plant", Republic Belarus

JSC "Rubnitsky cement industrial complex", Republic Moldova

LC "Central Asia Cement", Republic Kazakhstan, etc.

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