Monorail scales are intended for weighing of meat carcasses on meat-packing plants and cattle-breeding farms.

Monorail scales consist of weight rail with load cells and a weight indicator IW-320.


- high accuracy (not worse 0,1%), a wide range of working temperatures (from -20 to +50°C);

- special execution of a construction of the weight rail, ensuring easy mounting and reinstallation of the monorail scales;

- powder painting of the metal construction of the scales, ensuring protection from hostile environment effect;

- using of high reliable import load cells and the electronic blocks with protection index IP67 and IP65;

- possibility of link with the PC by standard interfaces.


- weight measuring in the mode "Gross", "Tara", "Net";

- output of the weight value on the weight indicator IW-320 with 8 digit light-emitting diode board and the PC;

- possibility of manufacture of scales from stainless steel;

- possibility of the packing arrangement of the monorail scales with the weight processor PW-310 with subfunctions (installation and indication of the weighing limit, summation of the weighing results, preparation of total accounts, etc.).

You can buy electronic monorail scales in Ukraine after filling-up of the questionnaire. The price for the monorail scales if defined after conformity of technical requirements with the managers of the firm.